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do you play basketball, soccer, or neither?


zachary shaya

12/15/2010 16:32:01

I dont play either but I will start to play basketball next week.



12/15/2010 16:45:31

i play all kinds of sports of course!!



12/15/2010 16:46:22

I play both. And Zach, i just suggest that maybe you could put some other polly daddys about anything but video games or computer games.


Barb Shaya (Mom)

01/02/2011 23:34:13

Hi Zach! I love your website! My favorite is the Blob drawing on your art page. Will you bring it home so I can frame it?
As to the above question, I'm not too good at either basketball or soccer, but when I was younger and could run really fast, I liked them both!
Love you!



10/31/2011 04:02:16

hey zach, i miss u in school, i love ur website! it is lovely, and also, i like both sports of course!!! :)


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